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Five Differences between Rural and Urban Drug Abuse

Five Differences between Rural and Urban Drug Abuse

The differences between urban and rural drug use and abuse varies greatly

Location affects every aspect of an individual’s life, so much so that the certain locations can increase an individual’s chance of using or abusing drugs. That being said, drug use is prevalent among communities. Addiction does not discriminate. However, there are certain circumstances which affect drug use and abuse.

Five Common Differences between Rural and Urban Drug Abuse

Although their differences may seem small, rural and urban drug use and abuse differ in the following areas:

  • Drug availability
  • Quality
  • Age
  • Income
  • Ethnicity

Depending on one’s location, there may be a variety of drugs available and comparatively less variety in a different location. Generally, the larger the urban setting the more drugs individuals have available to them. Also dependent on location is the quality of drugs – the harsher the environment, the less likely it is that the substance is in its pure state. Dealers in larger cities are able to charge more for the substance, which leads to a higher quality product, while others in smaller, more rural communities add or “cut” substances into the drug to extend their profit. Individuals in a large town might be introduced to drugs at a younger age than those who don’t have the daily influence. Income restricts what an individual is able to purchase, the quality he purchases and how often he uses. Certain cultures or ethnicities may find it acceptable for individuals to use a certain substance while other cultures frown upon its use.

How These Differences Can Affect You

Although location influences many of our daily choices, it does not mean you will not succeed with sobriety. Included in the following are some examples of how rural and urban drug abuse affects an addict:

  • Treatment
  • Availability
  • Support

Depending on one’s location, treatment options might be sparse or limited. One may have to seek treatment in another state to receive the full benefits he needs. If an individual is familiar with his surroundings while in treatment, he may find the temptation of easily accessible and familiar drug locations too high and he may relapse before his coping skills have had a chance to become strong. Also dependent on location is a treatment facility’s availability. If in a larger urban environment, the facility may be equipped to house more addicts versus a smaller rural facility that might reach full capacity on a daily basis. Addicts often damage or lose their support systems during their addiction due to bad behavior when using. If a community of social class is accepting of the new changes an addict is making, he or she may be able to re-integrate into the community easier than an individual’s whose community has shunned them.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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