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How Addiction Can Perpetuate Violent Crime

How Addiction Can Perpetuate Violent Crime

Addiction and Violent Crime

There are many reasons why people from all over the world avoid experimenting with and abusing drugs, one being the potential for an addiction to develop. When an addiction occurs, everyone gets hurt, including both the user and those around him or her. There are many side effects that can come out of an addiction, and one of the most common is violent crime. Unfortunately, this side effect can cause an individual to experience even more trouble outside of his or her addiction.

How Addiction Perpetuates Violent Crime

People who are addicted to a substance can start participating in violent crime rather easily, even if they were never the type to do so prior to using. That is what can happen when an addiction develops, and it can be incredibly frustrating and upsetting to witness. Some of the many ways in which addiction perpetuates violent crime include the following:

  • Impaired thought – When under the influence, individuals are unable to think clearly, as their brain chemistry is affected. Not only are they often confused and disconnected from reality, but they are also easily persuaded to participate in doing things no matter how dangerous.
  • Impulsivity – One of the most common traits of an addict is impulsivity. This can be one of the worst traits imaginable for a user because it causes him or her to act on a whim rather than think through actions first. This impulsivity can cause violent crime to occur.
  • Anger issues – Many people who find themselves addicted are also battling more serious issues, such as pent-up, unresolved anger. When they use, they are more likely to let their guard down when it comes to how angry they truly are and might take it out in the form of committing violent crimes.

Addiction can perpetuate violent crime by causing individuals to not think clearly, act on impulsivity, and continue to ignore the anger issues that can lead to the development of these behaviors.

Addiction, Violence, and the Community

Violent crime is one of the primary reasons why many people strive to keep substance abuse out of their communities. The more people use, the more likely violent crimes will occur as a result. In many communities, there are community watch programs, police patrols, and more to help curb these acts of violence, as well as help encourage a drug-free zone. While in some areas these efforts fall on deaf ears, other areas greatly benefit from them.

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