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How Addiction Ignores Demographics

How Addiction Ignores Demographics

Addiction is not confined to any social, economic or racial demographic and affects communities in various ways

Addiction is a devastating issue communities nationwide are learning how to cope with and how to treat.  Because of the availability of many drugs, addiction issues are found among every community in the United States. While some Louisville residents may believe they are immune to issues of addiction, everyone can become vulnerable to drug use and abuse, regardless of the class, race or specific demographic.

Why Does Addiction Cross Socio-Economic Boundaries?

Although geographical location can play a role in what type of drug is more “popular” than others, it is still important to understand that addiction is present in nearly every community in the US. Included in the following are some examples on why addiction crosses socio-economic boundaries:

  • Does not discriminate
  • Impacts communities nationwide
  • Every social class is affected

Addiction does not discriminate and does not only affect individuals of a certain race, class or gender..  Although one’s environment plays a huge role in addiction, addiction impacts communities nationwide.  Every socio-economic class is affected by addiction, although individuals from different classes are impacted differently.  Wealthier individuals may be better able to hide their addiction from others or pay for the best treatment available, whereas poor individuals may suffer harsher consequences or be unable to afford treatment.  Because addiction has no limits, communities large and small, rich and poor, rural and urban are struggling with how it has negatively affected their area and trying to find ways to overcome it.

How Should Addiction Should Be Treated?

Because addiction affects communities all across the US, finding a rehab or treatment center that is convenient and accessible is important. Included in the following are some examples on how addiction should be treated:

  • Treatment should be targeted toward the local community
  • Prices should reflect community socio-economic status
  • Outreach programs should be widely available

Because certain drugs might be more prevalent in a certain community, the treatment offered there should be geared towards the treatment of that specific substance. Although all facilities should be equipped to treat multiple addictions, they should also focus on healing the community they are located in. Treatment can be extremely expensive and individuals struggling with addiction often face financial hardship due to job loss and the cost of their habit. The cost of rehab at treatment facilities in poor neighborhoods should reflect the average income. Communities can also hold outreach programs to help influence others to seek treatment or even to help inform others of the possible warning signs of addiction.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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