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How Addiction Treatment Improves Psychological Health

How Addiction Treatment Improves Psychological HealthInpatient rehab centers utilize mental-health specialists as an integral part of addiction treatment. There are many possible connections between the two conditions, including the following:

  • Drug abuse can trigger a mental health issue, especially in those genetically predisposed to mental illness
  • Addiction can intensify and accelerate an already existing condition
  • Mood disorders make a person more susceptible to drug abuse and addictive behaviors
  • A person might take drugs to self-medicate the symptoms of a mental health problem
  • Co-occurring conditions tend to worsen the negative side effects of the other

Addiction is ultimately a neural disease that affects the brain’s reward center, which complicates any mental health help as long as the drug or alcohol abuse continues.  Seeking help for both mental health and addiction issues can help Louisville residents recover and continue on with their lives.

Mental Health and Drug Abuse Issues Facing Louisville Residents

There is yet another link between addiction and mental health, and that is an overlap of symptoms. This means an addiction symptom can be mistaken for a mental health problem, and vice versa. For this reason, mental health issues are sometimes undetectable until the detox process. By recognizing a co-occurring disorder, the rehab center can do the following for Louisville residents:

  • Begin to treat the mental health problem directly
  • Identify common triggers and relapse threats
  • Establish a healthier mindset for tackling addiction
  • Remove potential reasons for self-medicating drug use
  • Strengthen the mind’s ability to fight temptation

A person who treats only the addiction might get discouraged because the overlapping symptoms might make it appear that progress is not being made. On a purely psychological level, this limits the patient’s ability to succeed. For this reason, a lasting recovery begins with an integrated approach that tackles both conditions at once.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Simultaneously treating dual conditions, known professionally as Dual Diagnosis, allows a rehab facility to provide the following:

  • Medically supervised detox with a tapered option for certain drug addictions
  • Mental health screenings to identify the existence and extent of a disorder
  • Tools to recognize and avoid mood-disorder and drug-use triggers
  • Alternative ways for patients to handle stress, anxiety and struggle
  • Behavioral therapies to promote positive mental health and lifestyle habits
  • Holistic options like meditation, yoga, nutrition, massage and acupuncture
  • Peer group support to share and learn from similar Dual Diagnosis patients
  • Ongoing aftercare counseling to monitor the patient’s progress

While they share similar symptoms, addiction and mental health also benefit from similar recovery tools. If both disorders are treated together, the patient will find that many of the same behavioral methods help each condition. Ultimately, proper rehab care is about treating the whole person, and that means helping the patient through every issue for a complete recovery.

Integrated Treatment of Mental Health and Addiction Issues for Louisville Residents

Are you struggling with alcoholism, drug abuse or a psychological disorder? Our addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to help. Call our toll-free helpline to discuss mental health issues, addiction signs, treatment options and drug rehabilitation facilities. Health insurance companies often provide benefits for mental health and addiction treatment, and we can check your policy for coverage. Life can get better. Call today, and let us help.

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