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How Are Drug and Process Addictions Connected?

How Are Drug and Process Addictions Connected?Many Louisville residents understand what drug addiction is, but they may not have even heard of process addiction. Process addictions are compulsive behaviors people exude despite the problems they cause. Just like process addiction, many drug addicts display the same characteristic. Although process addictions involve behaviors and drug addictions involve substances, their treatment options are extremely similar. People with either of these problems should seek professional help at a rehab center to safeguard their health and recover from these problems.

What Are Process Addictions?

A process addiction is a condition in which an individual is dependent on a certain behavior. For instance, a Louisville resident can have a process addiction to any of the following behaviors:

  • Gambling
  • Sexual activity, be it online, in person or in solitude
  • Eating disorders
  • Spending addictions

Process addictions are often an overlooked addiction that garners less attention than addictions to drugs. This is extremely unfortunate, as process addictions share the same consequences as substance addictions. For instance, Louisville residents with a process addiction may suffer from considerable pain, loss of life and family and debilitating health consequences. In order for process addictions to be overcome, the addict will need psychological treatment. Even though process addictions are commonly paired with drug addictions, each addiction needs to be tackled at the same time in order for a full recovery to take place.

How Can Drug and Process Addictions Share Treatment?

Although the substance or behavior may be different between these two addictions, the treatment approaches are quite similar. Included in the following are some examples for treatment for both drug and process addictions:

  • Psychological treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Long-term commitment

Many Louisville addicts will receive psychological treatment for both drug addiction and process addiction. The reason for this is that users and professionals must understand the reasons behind the compulsive behavior, because only then can true recovery occur. Secondly, outpatient treatment is a great asset for both drug and process addiction, because it allows the recovering addict to continue treatment and seek help without having to commit to an inpatient stay. Lastly, whether an addict is suffering from a drug or process addiction, long-term commitment is a requirement for sobriety. Without committing to sobriety, most addicts will relapse. However, relapse does not have to derail recovery—it can be a learning experience if the addict renews his resolve to quitting.

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