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How Do You Deal with Grief Without Drugs or Alcohol?

How Do You Deal with Grief Without Drugs or Alcohol?

The loss of someone special can lead to an addiction or an addiction relapse

Even the strongest people experience trouble with everyday life when grief strikes. If you have used drugs or alcohol in the past to cope with stressors, the loss of a loved one, a job or a goal may lead to temptation to use again. Louisville residents should be aware that many relapses occur during times of stress or loss. It’s important to take good care of yourself while you are grieving so that you may live a better life for yourself, your loved ones and your future.

Grief and Complicated Grief

Grief is a normal part of loss. Feelings of denial, anger, sadness and even anxiety are normal after the loss of a loved one. When grief begins to impact your life for six months or more, or if you notice any of the following symptoms you may have complicated grief:

  • Hopelessness
  • Listlessness
  • Rage
  • Experiencing personality changes or psychosis

Complicated grief is a severe type of grief that is ongoing and beyond the normal bounds of grief. Complicated grief may lead to addiction relapses, or it may make a person who did not normally abuse substances turn to these methods to try and cope with life after the loss.

Complicated grief is not a stage people can easily overcome. Complicated grief can lead to health problems, depression, substance addiction and more. If you or someone you care about has grief that does not let go, please talk to someone who understands.

Coping With Relapse or Addiction After Grief

If the loss of something special has led to an addiction or an addiction relapse, you are not alone. Loss and extreme stress are common reasons that people relapse. Louisville communities can look out for their members during times of need to spot and prevent signs of substance abuse. It is possible and important to treat a relapse or an addiction as soon as possible.

Dual Diagnosis rehab treatment works to help people who are struggling with two issues: addiction and an emotional complication. Dual Diagnosis addiction therapy can help the grieving person get back to normal faster by treating both issues in one location, with a team of experienced treatment experts.

Grief and Substance Abuse Help

We offer a toll-free helpline to get you back on track, no matter how much you have been struggling. Our experienced addiction professionals can help you get through this difficult time before addiction goes too far.

Please call us to find out more about addiction counseling and grief counseling near you. We can help Louisville residents find family resources, addiction treatment, intervention professionals, depression help and more.

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