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How Much Addiction Counseling Do I Need?

How Much Addiction Counseling Do I Need?Counseling is an important step in the addiction recovery process. Ongoing counseling can help recovering addicts from Louisville maintain sobriety after they battle the physical effects of drug use and withdrawal. Group counseling can help addicts share with others who struggle with similar problems and causes of addiction. Professional individual counseling offered by rehab treatment centers can also make a difference in one’s recovery. These counseling sessions can help patients discover underlying mental disorders such as clinical depression, anxiety disorder, or bi-polar disorder. The professional counselors can also treat these disorders concurrently with the addiction, which often increases a one’s chances of finding recovery.

Addiction Recovery Is an Ongoing Process

Addiction can cause permanent changes to an addict’s brain and the process of recovery often lasts a lifetime. Co-occurring disorders such as schizophrenia or depression can lead Louisville residents to turn to drugs or alcohol as a form of self-treatment. Those who struggle with addiction often have trouble communicating with others or dealing with social situations. All of these issues may benefit from long-term counseling.

Different Types of Addiction Counseling for Louisville Residents

The following are forms of counseling available to recovery Louisville drug users:

  • Group therapy can be helpful for Louisville residents recovering from addiction and may be beneficial for recovering addicts who are interested in developing interpersonal communication skills as part of treatment.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaches a patient to see how his thoughts affect and are affected by behavior and external situations. This kind of therapy includes guidance from counselors about how to change behavior to avoid stressful or tempting situations that may lead to relapse.
  • Coping therapy offers healthy strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety so patients no longer turn to drugs as a form of stress relief.
  • Relapse prevention therapy can teach recovering addicts how to deal with and avoid situations that could tempt them to relapse. Relapse prevention may also include ongoing counseling after the patient has left the treatment facility.

Individual Needs Determine Type and Length of Addiction Counseling

No one treatment plan will be right for every Louisville resident. Each addiction has a different cause and each addict responds differently to various treatment environments and counseling methods. Intensive treatment, such as private counseling during inpatient rehab, can be a great way to start the recovery process. In-depth individual therapy with a trained addiction counselor can help patients to face underlying issues that may be causing the addiction. Co-occurring mental health disorders commonly accompany addiction and should be treated as part of the recovery process. The intensive counseling that a private, professional treatment setting provides can help addicts deal with these issues and find lasting recovery.

Learn More about Addiction Treatment for Louisville Residents

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction in Louisville, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day and can answer your questions about addiction and rehab. We can help you decide which treatment option will work best for your situation. Please call now.

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