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How the Dangers of Natural Drugs Compare to Synthetics

How the Dangers of Natural Drugs Compare to Synthetics

Spice is a commonly abused synthetic drug

Natural drugs are substances that can be consumed in their natural form, which means in forms that occur in nature or that derive from a biological source. Synthetic drugs refer to the opposite type of drug, as they are produced in labs. Natural drugs include substances such as opium poppy, coca leaves, cannabis, herbal remedies or probiotics, while synthetic drugs are altered natural substances that create stronger, task-specific drugs. On the other hand, some synthetic drugs contain no natural substances at all.

When comparing the dangers of natural and synthetic drugs, it is vital to remember that both groups can be dangerous, especially when abused. However, many synthetic drugs, like morphine and cocaine, have been replaced by synthetic street drugs, like bath salts (synthetic cathinones), molly (a synthetic amphetamine) and spice (synthetic cannabinoids). Where older synthetic street drugs like heroin, cocaine and meth certainly possess dangerous qualities, newer synthetic drugs have been devised to bypass legislation. New synthetic drugs contain everyday chemicals, such as gasoline, which is why they are unregulated by federal law. Louisville drug users should learn about any substance they take to protect their health.

Why Synthetic Street Drugs Are so Dangerous

The ingredients in synthetic drugs are boundless. A broad range of compounds can produce cheap drugs, so Louisville drug users have no idea what toxic chemicals they consume. A chemical formation can be far more potent than the drug it is trying to mimic, and users may be allergic to one of many chemicals the substance contains. Using a synthetic street drug is incalculably dangerous, because users are completely unaware of the reaction their bodies will have to the chemicals.

Natural drugs come in simple forms, which makes them less dangerous, because users will know what chemicals they ingest. That being said, natural drugs can also cause adverse side effects, allergic reactions, overdose and addiction. Many Louisville residents know that natural drugs can alter the brain and cause life-threating side effects, toxicity or death.

There is never any guarantee of a substance’s purity when it is sold on the street. Even if a natural drug is sold illegally, there is no way to know that the seller has provided a pure product. Street drugs, synthetic or natural, can be altered or tampered with to sell a cheaper product. For instance, bath salts, one of the most common synthetic drugs, can cause severe paranoia, hallucinations, violent behavior, chest pain, seizures, psychosis and erratic, self-harming behavior. Taking a synthetic street drug can immediately threaten the body while leading to several lasting consequences. Continual synthetic drug use can cause serious long-term damage to the brain and body.

Help for Louisville Drug Users

Drug abuse and addiction will eventually catch up with you, and the repercussions are devastating. If you are concerned about a problem with drug abuse or addiction, then seek help immediately. If you want to learn more about drug abuse, addiction or treatment options, then call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. Our admissions coordinators can answer your questions, connect you with treatment services and find out if your health insurance will cover any part of rehab. Life is too short to waste on addiction, so Louisville drug users should take action now to find help.

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