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How to Find Rehab

How to Find RehabSeeking help and participating in a professional rehab program is not the only decision involved in the process of recovery. One of the important aspects of recovery, second only to the decision to recover, is where and how recovery will be attempted. While deciding which facility to enter into, there are many important factors Louisville addicts should take into account. Choosing the correct facility can mean physical comfort, psychological liberty, and healthy, long-term accountability and support.

However, to choose a facility that is not right for you, or to try detox on your own, can lead to failure, frustration, pain, and aggression. Drug addiction treatment programs are available to Louisville residents of all social and economic demographics, and the diverse facility options offer the possibility of personal comfort.

What Louisville Residents Should Look for When Considering a Rehab Program

Some aspects of rehab that Louisville residents should explore include the following:

  • The staff-to-patient ratio is usually an accurate representation of the character of the program. The staff, which should be educated and accredited, should be ample for the amount of patients in the program. Each Louisville patient deserves time and attention from those who are able to help them. The program will be no better than the staff working there; their higher education and experience should be notable.
  • Group therapy is important to recovery, but the time that each counselor has with her Louisville patients is invaluable. The program should offer a healthy balance of treatment practices.
  • The quality and type of facility is very important to recovery. Enclosed facilities boasting an aesthetic that is comfortable and safe are desirable. How a Louisville patient feels when he is in the facility is valuable.
  • The environment should encourage their patients’ self-worth. Also, each facility and program should have something that sets them apart from others. Feel free to ask what aspects of a particular place are unique.
  • The amount of patients in the program at one time, as well as their success rate of recovery, is important. Different Louisville addicts enjoy different levels of community. The actual number of people is less important than how you feel about the facility population.
  • What sort of aftercare is offered by the facility? Treatment programs equip addicts for life after rehab, but aftercare programs are leaned upon for long-term accountability and support. If the facility does not offer aftercare programs of their own, then they should at least have connections to aftercare programs.

Addiction Rehabilitation Help for Louisville Residents

If you or someone that you care about in Louisville is battling addiction, please call our 24 hour toll-free helpline. The professionals answering the phones can help with insurance issues, initial questions, and even arrange transportation to the facility that you choose.

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