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How to Write an Intervention Letter

How to Write an Intervention LetterIntervention is a scary prospect. Even with the help of a professional interventionist and the support of all sober family members, it can be difficult to know exactly what to say to an addicted loved one in Louisville. Your greatest hope is that they seek treatment, and you fear that if you don’t express yourself perfectly, the intervention will be unsuccessful. Or perhaps your anger at the way addiction has changed your loved one has currently overpowered your affection for the person, and you may be tempted to wound your loved one with your words. Whatever your emotional state, writing your feelings out in letter form is an excellent way to say what you want without being distracted.

Steps in Drafting an Intervention Letter

There are steps to help in writing your feelings on your loved one’s addiction:

  • Begin with an expression of your love for the addict. Even if you don’t feel particularly loving toward him or her at the time, include something you appreciate about the times you used to have together, if only for the sake of the person he or she used to be before addiction.
  • Keep the focus on how you feel and the negative changes in his or her life that you have had to witness, making the main subject of the letter “I” instead of “you.” This may sound self-centered, but it keeps your tone from sounding accusatory and reminds him or her that his or her addiction affects more people than just him or herself.
  • Emphasize your understanding of addiction as a disease that cannot be overcome by willpower, no matter how strong the determination. Use this fact to urge the necessity of rehab in his or her recovery.
  • Prepare a list of ultimatums, but only proceed to that part of the letter if he or she refuses to enter treatment. You do not want to scare or threaten him or her into recovery; it must be his or her own choice, and reading ultimatums before they are necessary will lead to defensiveness.

Everyone in your intervention group in Louisville should have a letter constructed along similar guidelines. Repeated expressions of concern and pleas for him or her to cooperate with treatment will go much farther than hasty, angry words flung at the addict without time to think clearly. If anyone in the group grows emotional enough to deviate from the contents of the letters, the presence of an interventionist in Louisville is extremely helpful in stabilizing the conversation.

Are You Interested in Conducting an Intervention for Your Loved One?

If you would like to know more about intervention services or treatment programs that specialize in treating your loved one’s addiction, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today and let us help you find wellness for your whole family.

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