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Insomnia and Addiction

Insomnia and AddictionSleep disorders are a common co-occurring condition with addiction. In some circumstances, the connection is clear. A person who abuses stimulant drugs like cocaine, speed, or prescription amphetamines (e.g., Ritalin or Adderall) will experience insomnia because of the chemically induced energy. However, the connection between addiction and insomnia can be much deeper. Addiction to any substance can alter behaviors in ways that affect sleep, while sleep problems can also motivate a person to use addictive substances. Either way, insomnia and addiction can create a dangerous synergy in which each problem makes the other worse in Louisville residents.

Ways Insomnia Triggers Substance Abuse in Louisville Residents

Many people struggle to fall asleep even without taking stimulant drugs or other illicit substances. Several factors can drive the insomnia, including the following:

  • A mind that is constantly racing
  • Unmanaged levels of stress and anxiety
  • Legal stimulants like diet pills, energy drinks, and coffee
  • Unhealthy sleep practices and settings

Sleeplessness can motivate Louisville residents to self-medicate the insomnia with different substances, including the following:

  • Alcohol, which is a depressant
  • Marijuana to slow the mind
  • Painkillers to induce drowsiness
  • Prescription sleep medication

This type of self-medication can be deceptive as the initial benefits are often only temporary. If an addiction develops, the side effects often include new sleep problems.

Ways Addiction Causes Insomnia in Louisville Residents

An addiction creates a host of new problems in Louisville residents that can affect sleep, including the following:

  • Opiates might induce drowsiness but they actually prevent deeper levels of sleep
  • Addiction can initiate or accelerate mental health issues like anxiety and panic attacks
  • Drug-seeking behaviors can cause stress with finances, work, relationships, and legal risks
  • Onset of withdrawal symptoms if the body’s dependency demands are not met
  • Substance abuse causes physical health issues like organ damage
  • Even sleep medications can result in a “rebound insomnia” when abused

Long-term insomnia in Louisville residents also comes with its own list of adverse effects, including impaired reasoning, hormonal imbalance, increased risk of type-two diabetes, and higher accident rates. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation website notes that sleepy drivers cause more fatalities than drunk drivers.

Addiction and Insomnia Treatment for Louisville Residents

If a person suffers from multiple disorders like insomnia and addiction, the most effective treatment is the one that tackles both issues at once. This type of integrated treatment, known as Dual Diagnosis, takes a comprehensive approach to rehab that fosters a stronger recovery. Dual Diagnosis treatment involves several concurrent approaches, including the following:

  • Identify all mental health issues and disorders through comprehensive screenings
  • Behavioral therapies to encourage more positive reactions and responses
  • Counseling to determine personal substance abuse triggers and motivations
  • Holistic approaches to insomnia like meditation, nutrition, and relaxation exercises
  • Examination of lifestyle habits that contribute to the insomnia
  • Group therapy to give and receive support from other recovering addicts

Addiction and insomnia are health risks individually, but together they can be particularly damaging. For Louisville residents suffering with these conditions, it is important to seek help right away.

Drug Abuse and Insomnia Help for Louisville Residents

Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to help all Louisville residents. Call our toll-free helpline to discuss integrated treatments, facility options, and addiction warning signs. If you have health insurance, we can even check your policy for rehab coverage. These are both treatable conditions, but only if you start treatment. Please call now.

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