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Is Addiction A Choice?

Is Addiction A Choice?

Is Addiction A Choice?

Over the last century, society’s view of addiction has been challenged and transformed. People once attributed an addict’s plight solely to poor choices and immoral behaviors, but research has encouraged people to alter these beliefs, and now see addiction more as an illness, rather than a choice. In its truest form, addiction is a disease that consists of both personal choices and uncontrollable influences, but Louisville residents can get and stay clean with the right help.

Addiction as a Choice

Despite research that states addiction is an illness, it would be wrong to say that Louisville residents have no choice in regards to drug abuse. Addiction is a condition that ultimately arises from a series of choices, though it is often displeasing to addicts to view it this way. To become addicted to drugs or alcohol, people must first decide to use a substance. Whether that decision was made out of desperation, peer pressure or simple curiosity, people are still responsible for making such a choice. From that first decision to use drugs or alcohol, addicts continue to make choices that feed addiction.

Just as a Louisville drug addict chooses to stimulate and feed addiction, she must also choose to enter treatment. Drug addicts may need to be persuaded by loved ones to seek professional help, but this healing choice is a personal decision; no one else can force an addict to stop using drugs or alcohol.

Addiction as an Illness

Although addiction develops out of a person’s decisions, it is unfair to say that an addict is immoral or irresponsible for his choices. Many external factors influence an addict’s choices, beginning far before a substance is ever abused. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, genetic predisposition plays a considerable part in addiction. Many addicts have a predisposition toward drug abuse, so they quickly become addicted. While Louisville residents must choose to use drugs, addicts may be genetically inclined to make such choices.

One of the greatest problems with viewing addiction as a choice is that it leads people to assume addiction can be easily overcome with enough willpower. Once an addiction develops, it acts on the body just as any other disease; it tends to take over the mind to dominate an addict’s willpower. Because of this, the choices an addict makes comes from an altered state of mind, so addiction works like a disease.

As a society, people have debated whether addiction is a choice or an illness for quite some time. It is likely that this debate will continue for as long as people suffer from addiction. It would be wrong to say that choices are not involved in the development and progression of addiction. Likewise, it would be wrong to disregard the way addiction takes over the mind. But, by acknowledging both of these points, addiction is viewed as a disease fueled by a series of choices. Either way, Louisville drug addicts need help to get and stay clean.

Help for Louisville Drug Addicts

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