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Is My Addiction My Fault?

Is My Addiction My Fault?Addiction is a disease that can cause immense feelings of guilt and embarrassment. These emotions can be detrimental to your recovery. If you are addicted and feeling like this addiction is your fault, it will harm your ability to recover and your determination to get better. You need to understand just how much of your addiction is a consequence of your actual choices, how much is due to biological results of your addiction and how much of a difference professional treatment can make in your life in Louisville.

Louisville Addiction as a Disease

Your addiction may be the result of certain early choices that you made to use drugs. However certain stresses and other underlying factors are the true causes of early and continued drug use. You should not be ashamed of the factors that cause you to abuse drugs, but you should understand your need for professional help. Your physical addiction is the result of repeated drug abuse and your body getting used to the drug in your system, as drug addiction is a disease. You may have made choices that resulted in your addiction but that does not mean that it is your fault or that you should feel ashamed or guilty.

Finding Professional Treatment for Addicted Louisville Residents

Realizing that your addiction is not entirely your fault and that you shouldn’t feel ashamed about your addiction can be a major step in the recovery process. Finding professional help through a rehabilitation center can help you to work through any issues of guilt, shame and stress that contribute to addiction. You can find lasting sobriety and a drug-free life in Louisville.

Need More Information about Addiction and Recovery?

Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day. We are here to listen to your concerns and help you find the right treatment facility to meet your needs. Call us now, and find the professional help you need to overcome guilt and find lasting recovery.

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