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Learning from Past Addiction Recovery Mistakes

Learning from Past Addiction Recovery MistakesDrug or alcohol relapse is a common and unfortunate event in the addiction recovery process. Relapsing back into substance abuse, especially after long-term sobriety, can be difficult to come back from but not impossible. It is important for Louisville residents to do things differently when returning to treatment and sobriety after relapse. In order to do things differently, an addict must understand the reasons behind his or her relapse, which may include the following:

  • Anger
  • Trauma
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Strong temptations
  • Not having a support system
  • Avoiding withdrawal symptoms
  • Conflict with other people
  • Not continuing follow-up and aftercare treatment
  • Personal control
  • Social pressure
  • Not finishing treatment
  • Untreated Dual Diagnosis
  • Job loss

Many treatment programs may not adequately equip an addict with the necessary skills to cope with the various situations that can trigger a relapse. Seeking a different treatment option could be beneficial to an addict recovering after a relapse. The longer an addict waits to get sober after a relapse, the more difficult the process will be. Transitioning back into recovery after a relapse can be eased by considering the following:

  • Addiction recovery is a process – Understanding that previous treatment and periods of sobriety have not been wasted is crucial to recovering from a relapse. An addict must realize that relapse can often be a common part of the recovery process and allow him or her to learn from the mistakes for future progress.
  • There is no shame in returning to rehab – Going back to rehab is not going back to the beginning. Returning to rehab re-establishes a person’s commitment to sobriety and helps him or her learn new ways to recover.
  •  Be positive about going through treatment again – Being ashamed and constantly beating oneself up about the relapse will not be beneficial to recovery. Going through treatment again will allow an addict to add what he or she has already learned to new information that can provide better results for life long sobriety.

Seeking professional help to learn new methods of staying sober and find long-term support can be one of the most beneficial steps in recovering from a relapse. Weekly therapy sessions with a licensed therapist can help with continued support, even after going through rehab and treatment again. A therapist can also diagnose other underlying problems that may be contributing to drug use and triggering relapses and offer proper treatment for them.

Help for Louisville Residents Recovering from Drug or Alcohol Relapse

If you or someone you love in the Louisville area is trying to recover from a drug or alcohol relapse and needs help please call our toll-free number. Our professional counselors are standing by 24 hours a day to help you find the treatment you need for a safe and healthy relapse recovery. Don’t give up on recovering from addiction. Call us today.

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