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Life Change and Substance Abuse

Life Change and Substance AbuseA major life change, or several small life changes, can cause substance abuse or even addiction. Life is filled with changes, but sometimes these changes are too big, too soon, persistent, or come with circumstances that are too overwhelming to deal with. Those who are surrounded with resources for support and assistance during times of change will have a much easier time coping and moving forward with their lives; however, even Louisville residents who do have the emotional and financial support of their family and peers can still find it difficult to cope with some of the more significant changes life may bring.

A few of the more common life changes that cause substance abuse in Louisville include marriage, divorce, loss of a loved one, empty nest, reaching significant age marks, career change, job loss, and retirement. These issues can bring about stress, fear and emotional pain that influence drinking or drug abuse in order to cope. Drugs and alcohol can help numb Louisville residents to pain, distract them, or improve their mood and energy. And while substance abuse may begin as an occasional behavior to remedy a bad day or relax, it can quickly become a habitual and harmful activity.

Exploring the Relationship between Job Loss, Change, and Substance Abuse

Job loss is a big topic in the U.S. right now. Downsizing, layoffs and a shaky economy are causing a great deal of stress on working Americans and their families. There are so many issues associated with job loss that can influence substance abuse and addiction, and Louisville residents should be aware of the high-risk attached to using drugs or alcohol after losing a job.

Worrying about losing a job can be just as stressful and traumatic as actually losing one. Louisville residents can experience so much pressure and fear on a day-to-day basis that they want to use drugs or alcohol to relax, calm, or distract themselves from the burden. Losing a job with house payments, car payments, childcare, food costs, health insurance fees, and other bills is overwhelmingly scary, especially for employees with family and dependents relying on their income. This stress and pressure can be so negative that other healthy coping tactics like exercise or talking about it may seem ineffective, and drugs or alcohol may seem more appealing. The threat of losing a job can lead to serious health problems, such as anxiety disorders, insomnia, chronic pain, ulcers, poor immune system response and more. The onset of physical health problems can also influence substance abuse.

Losing a job brings about serious financial concerns that one will worry about and obsess over. It can also bring about serious self-doubt and other personal problems, causing low self-esteem, confusion, anger, sadness and more. The psychological and emotional effects that take place after losing a job can easily cause Louisville residents to seek out drugs or alcohol to numb the emotional pain and self-doubt. People may also find themselves questioning their abilities, purpose, and direction in life. Finding a new job can be a difficult process, but it can also be frightening as Louisville residents wonder if they are qualified to do something new or can be happy in a different environment. People spend such a great amount of time at their job, that when it ends, moving forward can appear impossible. Employees can become attached to their employers, co-workers, clients, job tasks, work environment and other job-related issues because it has consumed such a significant portion of their life. Changing these issues can be tough to cope with, especially when there are financial concerns and other worries present.

Find Help Coping without Abusing Drugs or Alcohol

For help coping with life changes like job loss, Louisville residents can call our toll-free number to speak with a recovery professional. Recovery professionals are on-hand 24 hours a day to help you find the resources and services needed to avoid or treat substance abuse and receive the support you need during this difficult time.

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