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Listening to Your Loved One about Addiction

Listening to Your Loved One about AddictionWhen a Louisville loved one develops an addiction, you may become angry and resentful. After all, addiction can damage the entire family in many ways. Most family members experience the effects of addiction, and it is only natural to blame the addict. Unfortunately, this reaction is counterproductive and may only worsen the situation. Regardless of who may be to blame, the important thing is to stop the cycle of destruction that is damaging the family.

How Addiction Works

Addiction often causes extreme mood swings, as drug use can cause temporary euphoric highs followed by crashing lows. Many Louisville addicts even feel guilt over their addictive behavior. Addicts often wish to stop, but the desire to experience the highs of drug use can be overwhelming, especially if the addiction is accompanied by physical dependency that causes withdrawals when use is stopped. The constant guilt and desire to stop, along with repeated failure to do so, can lead to serious depression that is only alleviated by more drug use. At this point, addiction can become a destructive, self-reinforcing cycle.

How Louisville Families Can Communicate about Addiction

Addicts typically engage in selfish and destructive behavior that hurts themselves and those around them. When this behavior impacts your Louisville family, it is only natural to become resentful. Keep in mind that your loved one is acting irrationally and making bad choices because she is under the influence of drugs. She may also have a psychological issue that encouraged the addiction. Once again, it is likely that your loved one already feels guilty about her behavior and the problems it is causing. She has probably engaged in secretive behavior for quite some time, unintentionally isolating herself from the family.

Once the addiction is public knowledge, the sense of isolation can increase. The addict needs to feel that he still has the unconditional love of his family who will be there no matter what. Talk to your loved one and let him know that you don’t judge or blame him, but only want to help. Also, listen to your loved one; give him the opportunity to share what he is going through without condemnation or reprisal. Let the family be the cornerstone of support and the first place he addresses addiction. This support can help your Louisville loved one commit to seeking help and overcoming addiction.

Louisville Addiction Help

If your loved one is struggling with addiction, we can help. Our helpline is toll free and we are available 24 hours a day. Call us now to figure out how to help a Louisville resident overcome addiction.

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