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Making a Life in Recovery Your New Normal

Addiction recovery means starting a new, fresh life that supports health, healthy relationships and unique interests. A life in sobriety is one you can control, but drug use dictates most, if not all, a user’s thoughts and actions; as a result, life without drugs or alcohol can seem impossible for any addict. Addiction is a disease with roots in habit, so it feeds off of the idea that drug abuse is normal. In that light, if Louisville residents make sobriety their new normal, then they can make their recoveries stronger, simpler and lifelong.

Identity, Normalcy and Recovery

Louisville drug addicts face many problems getting clean, like questions about their identity, goals and how they will spend their free time. These questions commonly result in fear, a common feeling in recovery that does not have to hinder progress. For instance, if you know that fear is normal, then it becomes easier to accept, process and understand. Moving past fear allows recovering addicts to progress in their recovery and to learn more about their identities in the process. Knowing who you are and what is normal is a large part of recovery and relapse prevention. In other words, you can get and stay clean from drug if you learn about who you are apart from drugs.

When sobriety is a normal part of your identity, then staying clean becomes simpler. As Psychology Today explains, “when people preferred the identity of ‘recovering addict’ over the identity of ‘addict,’ relapse rates were much lower. Not only that, but people who preferred the ‘recovering addict’ identity had fewer cravings and felt they had more personal control of their addictive behaviors” (“Addiction: Identity and Connection Influence Relapse Rates,” March 11, 2014). In other words, when you or a Louisville loved one integrates recovery into her identity, then recovery becomes both normal and easy to maintain. Your new hobbies, activities and attitudes are normal, so drug use will no longer have the hold over your life that it once did.

Normal Life for Louisville’s Recovering Addicts

If you are tired of drug use or addiction being a normal part of your life, then make the change; call our toll-free helpline to learn about treatment options that include family mediation, detox, treatment and long-term support to maintain sobriety. Addiction does not have to be the norm for you or a Louisville loved one; our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to initiate a new life for you right now.

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