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Managing Emotions during an Addiction Intervention

Managing Emotions during an Addiction InterventionStaging an intervention can be difficult, because it requires careful planning and acts. Addiction can affect a Louisville resident’s entire family, because watching someone become be consumed by addiction can devastate loved ones. Emotions often regulate how people react to situations, so family members can suffer from a loved one’s drug use if they experience strife and bitterness. Trying to stage an intervention without first addressing these emotions can limit the outcome of an intervention in the following ways:

  • It creates unnecessary conflict
  • An addict may feel the intervention is a result of bitter feelings instead of love
  • Addicts tend to feed off of conflict and use it to their advantage
  • These feelings may lead people to avoid implementing boundaries and enforce consequences
  • They may ultimately cause a failed intervention

Managing emotions is a crucial component of a successful intervention, which will result in the addict accepting treatment. Seeking help from a professional interventionist can provide a better chance for success.

Benefits of Hiring an Interventionist

Hiring a professional interventionist can be the difference between success and failure in an intervention. These professionals have training and experience staging interventions, which provides a better chance of success. Interventions require people to anticipate trouble, a task which Louisville residents may be unable to do with such new issues. Additional benefits to hiring an interventionist include the following examples:

  • Unbiased guidance – An interventionist is a third party who is trained to address the unhealthy components of addiction, both in the user and her family members alike. In this way, an interventionist can not only help an addict see the need for treatment, but he may also confront any behaviors that enable the addiction. The interventionist can facilitate communication between addicts and their families.
  • Training and experience – There are numerous aspects of an intervention that Louisville residents may overlook if they lack both training and experience. An interventionist can address the different conflicts within the family that may contribute to the addiction. The interventionist can help resolve past feelings that may prevent forward progress.
  • Helping everyone in the family – While the intervention often focuses on the addict, Louisville family members may also need help. Addiction affects the whole family and can damage more people than just the addict. An interventionist can address this damage to allow everyone involved to heal emotionally.

Staging an intervention without help may result in an unsatisfactory outcome that prolongs addiction. This will continue to damage everyone involved, so seeking the help of an experienced professional can offer the most successful outcome.

Louisville Help Staging an Addiction Intervention

If you or a Louisville loved one wants to stage an intervention, then please call our toll-free helpline for assistance. Our professional counselors are standing by 24 hours a day to help you plan a successful intervention. Don’t let someone you love lose her life to addiction; call us today for instant support.

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