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Louisville Marijuana Rehab

Louisville Marijuana RehabMarijuana contains the chemical THC, which gives users a “high,” evoking a change in mood and interpretation of feelings. Following inhalation, THC travels rapidly from the lungs through the blood to the brain. Users report a sense of alternating euphoria with sleepiness. Inability to carry on an intelligible conversation is a common observation of marijuana use. Other symptoms and signs that can indicate an individual is using marijuana include bloodshot eyes, dizziness, trouble walking, difficulty remembering what just happened, marijuana odor on clothes and the presence of drug paraphernalia.

Marijuana Rehab for Louisville Residents

If you or someone you love is addicted to marijuana, there is hope at a rehab center specifically designed to treat marijuana addicts. Symptoms of marijuana addiction include the following:

  • Developing a tolerance to marijuana where a larger amount is required to achieve the same results
  • Inability to reduce the amount of marijuana used
  • Withdrawing from society and clinging more to other users
  • Using more frequently
  • Letting marijuana use consume more and more of your time
  • Using even though you know it isn’t good for you

Why Get Rehab for Marijuana Addiction?

Marijuana has long-term consequences for both male and female users. Marijuana affects the sex and growth hormone portion of the brain. For males, testosterone levels can decrease leading to a decreased sperm count and infertility. For females, menstrual cycles may become irregular and testosterone levels increase. Babies born to marijuana-addicted moms are at risk for learning disabilities and hormonal problems during the developmental process. Marijuana is a mental and emotional addiction that requires the expertise of specialists with an understanding of the complexity of the drug. Withdrawal symptoms, which include loss of appetite, anxiety, depression, headaches, mood swings and irritability, set in as quickly as 24 hours without use for chronic users and can last for up to 28 days. Since marijuana use is often the first step to using other drugs, such as cocaine and alcohol, get help before you add to your addictions.

The Next Step for Louisville Marijuana Addicts

After withdrawal and detox are complete, the next steps focus on dealing with any underlying mental or social conditions that might lead to relapse. Severe addicts may require strictly inpatient rehab. Others may succeed with outpatient and aftercare, such as the 12 Steps of Recovery used by Marijuana Anonymous. In addition, lifestyle changes such as good nutrition, plenty of rest, exercise, and staying away from the people and places where you are exposed to the temptation to smoke marijuana, increase your chances of living drug-free.

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