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OxyContin Treatment in Louisville

OxyContin Treatment in LouisvilleOxyContin, the brand name for the powerful prescription pain reliever oxycodone, is a synthetic morphine. Its purpose is to alleviate chronic severe pain, but the strong euphoric effects have led it to become one of the most highly abused medically prescribed drugs available. OxyContin was designed as a 12-hour time-release pain pill. When used as prescribed, OxyContin addiction is rare. Dosages can be tapered down when the pain has subsided with little or no adverse reactions. Abusers get around the time-release protective coating by crushing the tablet for immediate action. OxyContin quickly becomes addictive, both physically and psychologically, to anyone misusing or abusing it. Once addiction sets in, it’s very difficult to stop abusing it without professional help.

How OxyContin Use Ends in Addiction

OxyContin works in your brain and central nervous system to block pain messages. In the process, the release of dopamine in the brain causes a feeling of pleasure. With continued use, the need for this feeling of pleasure develops a tolerance level, which requires more and more OxyContin to achieve the desired effect. When OxyContin is no longer needed for pain control, a craving for the drug, difficulty concentrating, depression, and obsession on how and where to get the drug are sure signs of OxyContin addiction.

What Medications Work for OxyContin Addiction?

OxyContin negatively affects both mind and body and for that reason, a medically supervised detox program during withdrawal is critical. The initial withdrawal phase, which lasts about a week, is made easier by some medications. Methadone, a synthetic opioid, may be used to eliminate withdrawal symptoms by altering the effects of OxyContin. A daily dose is required to be successful. LAAM, or levo-alpha-acetyl-methadol, which alters the effects of OxyContin for up to three days, counters the euphoria. Making it through withdrawal is the first step, but without further supervised treatment, a relapse is almost certain.

Treatment for Louisville Addicts

OxyContin addicts from Louisville need compassionate post-detox treatment programs to complete the move to addiction-free living. Your need and circumstances dictate the type and length of program most likely to work. Programs offered on an inpatient and outpatient basis include therapy sessions, as an individual and for the family, and supportive group therapy. In addition, 12-step meetings can be an essential part of recovery. Learning new life skills and participating in educational and vocational training may be necessary for you to make the transition to a drug-free life. Living life without the addiction to OxyContin is a choice you can make by making a call for help today.

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