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Persistence and Its Importance in Overcoming Addiction

Persistence and Its Importance in Overcoming Addiction

Be determined to cut off drug-using friends

Finding abstinence through professional detox and therapy is important when struggling with addiction, but it is only the first step in recovery. In other words, maintaining long-term recovery is the real challenge for any recovering drug addict in Louisville. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) explains that overcoming addiction involves individuals “avoiding environmental triggers, recognizing [one’s] own psychosocial and emotional triggers, and developing healthy behaviors to handle life’s stresses” (“An Individual Drug Counseling Approach to Treat Cocaine Addiction”). While this list appears simple enough, finding the persistence and professional help to achieve these tasks is no simple goal. 40 to 60 percent of recovering drug users will relapse, so recovering addicts must find external recovery resources and internal persistence to support long-term health.

Environmental triggers may include Louisville places, peers and items related to drug use. Finding the determination to cut off drug-using “friends” and to avoid formerly favorite hangouts is difficult, and learning to recognize and mitigate emotional barriers to recovery also takes time and effort. Professional therapists can teach patients more about their individual psychological triggers, and where and how they can grow emotionally. However, it is up to the recovering individual to take the actions that will build mental health and happiness. Louisville drug addicts that seek long-term recovery must build healthy relationships, find new hobbies and engage in positive activities. These tasks may seem overwhelming, so it may be tempting to go back to “comfortable” relationships or locations, but recovery only comes through dedication and a willingness to change.

The NIDA explains that recovering drug users should maintain “a recovery-oriented attitude by retaining a humble attitude toward the power of the addiction and not taking one’s abstinence for granted. Personal vigilance against relapse is paramount. Vitally important are continued participation in self-help groups and honesty about feelings and thoughts that could lead one to a relapse.” While treatment and recovery professionals can help  Louisville drug addicts achieve these goals, recovery maintenance comes down to individual attitude and effort. Those in recovery can persevere through relapse triggers and emotional difficulties, but it takes effort and awareness. Addiction is a chronic disease, so the temptation to use will always be there, although establishing healthy habits means it becomes easier over time to resist temptation.

If you live in Louisville and are ready to find real, long-term recovery, our staff can help. Let our admissions coordinators connect you to the personalized recovery resources that will offer you a fresh start on life, whether you are new to addiction or have tried other treatment options before. Addiction recovery is never out of reach, and our staff can motivate you to move forward in life. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now to begin recovery today.

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