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Poverty’s Influence on Drug Use

Poverty's Influence on Drug UseEach social class has its own struggles with drug use and abuse.  No socioeconomic status is shielded from the effects of drug use, but some social classes may be able to hide the effects better than others.  Poverty levels are at an all-time high in the United States, and so is addiction.

Drug Use Differences in Socioeconomic Statuses

Socioeconomic status has many influences on an individual’s daily decisions. The following are some examples of how drug use differs between socioeconomic statuses:

  • Quality of product: The higher an individual’s socioeconomic status is, the higher expectations are for the quality of product.  This can be seen in apparel, vehicles, and housing.  Like other material objects, this is true for drugs as well.  The poorer an individual is, the less he or she can pay for a drug, which means a lower quality of drug.
  • Unknown additives: Dealers will often “cut” or mix other substances in their drugs to help increase the merchandise and in return increase profits.  These additives can be dangerous and unknown chemicals, which can cause severe health issues.  Paying a higher amount for the drug generally results in a more pure substance.

The higher an individual is above the poverty threshold, the easier it gets for him or her to conceal the addiction because the individual is still able to maintain his or her current living situation.

Poverty as a Factor in Drug Use

Although being poverty stricken does not necessarily lead to an addiction, it does have several factors that can highly influence an individual’s chances for drug abuse and addiction. The following are some examples of how poverty may influence drug use:

  • Environment: The lower an individual’s income is, the worse living conditions will be.  Crime is more prevalent in lower income communities when compared to the gated communities of higher income individuals.  A dangerous environment can influence drug use and abuse as drug’s are more easily obtainable.
  • Financial stress: Financial decisions, such as do I pay the water bill this month or the electricity bill, can cause huge amounts of stress and cause an individual to search for an out, such as drug use.
  • Medical conditions: New or pre-existing medical conditions can lead an individual to tamper with self-medication techniques due to not having the finances to seek proper medical treatment.

Due to these reasons, poverty can increase an individual’s chances for drug abuse and addiction.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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