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Stress Management for Chronic Pain

Stress Management for Chronic PainHundreds of thousands of people throughout the country struggle with chronic pain. This struggle often leads to increased levels of stress. Living with chronic pain can cause individuals in Louisville to begin experiencing a whole new set of emotional stressors, as pain often makes a day-to-day routine increasingly challenging. Despite living in a country where medication is commonly provided, those struggling with chronic pain can often benefit from more therapeutic care, as the use of controlled substances can often develop into an addiction for those looking to cope with high stress situations caused by pain.

How Does Stress and Pain Contribute to Addiction Development?

It is important for individuals in Louisville struggling with chronic pain to have strong, effective outlets for their related stress, especially as these individuals are more prone to developing an addiction as a means of coping with their condition. Some of the many ways that both stress and pain contribute to addiction development can include the following:

  • Irritability – Because pain can become so invasive, many individuals struggling with chronic pain find themselves to be easily irritated, primarily because they are currently under stress caused by their pain that leads them to grow overly emotional. This irritability can lead to damaged personal and professional relationships, all of which can cause psychological harm to an individual to a point where he chooses to abuse drugs and/or alcohol to cope.
  • Feeling overwhelmed – Feeling overwhelmed is generally the common denominator for stress, especially for those who have chronic pain. This feeling can lead to the development of anxiety and increased stress, both of which can turn an individual on to using drugs to relax.
  • Depression – Depression is one of the most common symptoms of chronic pain, as those who have it often find themselves feeling down about themselves and their situation. Drinking and/or doing drugs can become increasingly appealing to someone in this situation, making him more high risk for substance abuse issues.
  • Fatigue/sleeplessness – Not getting enough sleep or sleeping too much can create challenges for an individual with chronic pain, as their daily schedule becomes interrupted because they have either lost sleep from the night before or were unable to get the sleep they needed to perform. This struggle can often lead to the use of sleeping pills and/or other substances to help address too much or too little sleep.

Individuals struggling with chronic pain are more susceptible to developing an addiction problem as a result of increased irritability, feeling overwhelmed, experiencing depression and/or having sleeping problems.

Drug-Free Therapies for Chronic Pain Patients

To help avoid the development of an addiction, there are many drug-free therapies available for Louisville residents managing chronic pain. The most popular drug-free therapy is holistic therapy, where individuals utilize spirituality, physical activity and philosophy to help ease the stress from their chronic pain. In addition, talk therapy can be just as effective as holistic therapy, as it provides chronic pain patients with a vocal outlet for their stressors, which also doubles as a forum to develop coping skills that will help combat their issues with their chronic pain.

Do You Need Help Addressing a Chronic Pain Issue?

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