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Taking Communion as a Recovering Alcoholic

Taking Communion as a Recovering AlcoholicFaith is an important part for many Louisville residents, but it often becomes even more important when they begin recovering from alcoholism. Therefore, wondering how to participate in a communion service that includes alcohol can easily become a stressful issue. Know that no matter your struggle with this difficult issue, there are ways you can overcome it and thrive in your faith.

Although many denominations include communion as part of their practice, not all use alcohol. Many always use non-alcoholic juice, so recovering Louisville alcoholics can attend these churches to participate in communion without fear. For those who attend other churches, a number of options help handle the issue.

Communion Options for Recovering Alcoholics

Communion options for those recovering from alcoholism include the following:

  • Participate as an act of faith and trust that the amount of alcohol is small enough to avoid problems. There are those who choose this path, but many find that any amount of alcohol, no matter how small, triggers relapse. Louisville alcoholics in the early stages of recovery must be especially careful that they safeguard their sobriety. Choosing to drink is always a risk for a recovering alcoholic.
  • Minimize the amount of alcohol consumed. In certain denominations, it is common for communion participants to dip bread into the wine, but recovering alcoholics can dip wafers lightly to reduce the amount of alcohol they receive.
  • Forgo drinking wine. Although it is uncommon, this is spiritually acceptable under Catholic canon and other spiritual traditions. People may choose to express their reverence in creative ways such as by kissing the cup.
  • Speak to the priest or pastor about substituting a non-alcoholic drink. Many members of the clergy will provide non-alcoholic elements for Louisville residents who wish it.
  • Attend special services for recovering alcoholics. This option may appeal to fewer people, but in many places it is possible to attend communion services designed for recovering alcoholics that use consecrated juice instead of wine.

In short, you can participate in your religious practices and safeguard recovery with the right help. Many treatment facilities and addiction organizations help alcoholics overcome personal issues such as this, so do not fear therapy.

Louisville Alcoholism Help

If you are ready to begin a recovery journey, we can help. Call our toll-free helpline and let our addiction counselors answer your questions about treatment options. They can also check your insurance coverage if you wish. Our helpline is staffed 24 hours a day, so there is no need to wait.

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