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The Influence of Addiction on Marital Problems

The Influence of Addiction on Marital ProblemsMarriage may appear easy to those who are single. However, those who are married know being married takes a great deal of work and personal growth, both together and separately. For some married couples, marriage can be incredibly difficult in itself while for others external issues can impact what was once a happy marriage. Addiction can deeply affect a married couple’s wellbeing.

How Can Addiction Cause Marital Problems?

There are plenty of married couples with one or more spouse struggling with addiction, such as an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or both. An active addiction can cause marital problems quickly in the following ways:

  • Increased arguments – When a spouse is using, he or she is going to experience mood swings that cause an increase in arguments. These mood swings can create hostility, resentment, and violence, all of which can lead to blowouts that are difficult to recover from.
  • Decreased responsibility – Marriage is all about teamwork, and when one of the teammates is using, his or her responsibilities immediately decrease. This means that he or she is no longer participating in things such as taking care of the house, being productive at work, and caring from children,.

How Can Marital Problems Cause Addiction?

Just as an addiction can cause marital problems, marital problems can cause an addiction. Some of the many ways in which marital problems can cause a spouse to develop an addiction include the following:

  • Financial pressures – With marriage comes financial pressures, especially after a wedding, when looking to purchase a home, or when welcoming a baby into the family. These financial pressures can increase stress on a spouse to a point where he or she drinks or uses drugs as a release.
  • Lack of trust – Most marriages are not perfect, and for some spouses, trust is a major issue. Both husbands and wives can struggle with trusting one another based on past mistakes or bad experiences, making them more likely to look for something such as drugs or alcohol to calm their anxieties when they are feeling unable to trust their spouse.

Addiction can lead to marital problems, such as increased arguments and decreased responsibility, while marital issues, such as financial and trust issues, can lead to the development of an addiction.

Treatment for Addiction

There are many types of treatments available for those struggling with addiction; however, it is important to find a program that also includes the spouse in the recovery process. By doing this, the addicted spouse not only gets the traditional care that he or she needs, but his or her spouse is also involved and can work on his or her issues that have contributed to or developed as a result of addiction.

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