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The Most Abused Drugs of 2013

The Most Abused Drugs of 2013

Prescription Drugs were Abused in 2013

With each and every year that passes, new drugs are introduced. In 2013, drugs such as bath salts, krokodil, and MDMA frequently made headlines. Despite the popularity of these new drugs, some of the most abused drugs of 2013 were substances that have been around for years.

The Most Abused Drugs of 2013

While several factors, such as the housing market, the economy, and the job market, seemed to improve in 2013, there were still many reasons for people to turn to the use of drugs to cope with trying times. We are still not out of the recession, and people continue to struggle with finances, mental health issues, and more. As a result, drug use continues to rise. Some of the most abused drugs of 2013 include the following:

  • Prescription drugs – Prescription drugs are amongst the most popular and widely abused drugs in the country. Pills such as painkillers, anti-anxiety medications, and antidepressants quickly rose to the top of the list, and so did stimulants. Adderall and Ritalin were abused more than ever in 2013.
  • Cocaine – In addition to prescription pill stimulants, cocaine served as the most popular illicit drug stimulant of 2013. People from all backgrounds purchased this street drug to help get a boost of energy and improve productivity.
  • Marijuana – Marijuana has always remained one of the most abused drugs each year, primarily because it is quickly becoming socially acceptable to use this drug. With new laws in Colorado legalizing this substance, we can expect to see an even bigger increase in the use of this drug in 2014.

Prescription drugs, cocaine, and marijuana lead the pack when it comes to the most abused drugs of 2013. These drugs (specifically prescription pills and cocaine) are highly addictive. This means that even experimentation can lead to an increased likelihood of addiction development. Drugs such as marijuana can quickly become a part of everyday life to a point where use is considered regular.

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