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The Power of Peer Pressure In Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Peer pressure can have tremendous effects on the decisions one makes. Louisville residents might be surprised to learn that these effects can be both positive and negative. Although the choices one makes is primarily up to an individual, social groups, interests and vulnerability can greatly impact how one perceives and reacts to the behaviors of others.

The Negatives of Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can have everlasting effects on an individual. Included in the following are some examples of the negative effects of peer pressure:

  • Decisions go wrong
  • Bad habits are cultivated
  • Identity is lost

When an individual decides to go with the group’s decision, even if they are ultimately against it, they may end up experiencing a negative life choice. What this means is the individual is ultimately disregarding their values and morals to try and fit in a social group. When an individual is vulnerable they may engage in activities and behaviors that they once deemed inappropriate. These behaviors can turn into daily decisions, which then turn into bad habits. Peer pressure can ultimately lead to a loss of individuality and compel one to adopt others’ tastes in fashion, clothing, hair, music and general lifestyle choices.

The Positives of Peer Pressure

Although we often hear about the negatives of peer pressure, there are many positives to it as well. Included in the following are some examples of the positives of beneficial peer pressure:

  • Adopting good habits
  • Exposure to the world
  • Giving up bad habits

Peers may encourage and teach you good things, which will help you change yourself for the better. Watching how other’s actions bring positivity to their lives can help one look at his life and think of ways to improve his. Being part of a larger group of peers helps expose one to a variety of lifestyles. Involvement in a good peer group can help influence and shape one’s personality in a positive way. This can lead to inspiration, optimism and confidence.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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