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Top Intervention Models

Top Intervention ModelsAn intervention can convince a Louisville drug addict to enter treatment, but it is important to conduct an intervention that fits the individual situation.

The Importance of Using a Professional Interventionist

An intervention conducted without the assistance of a professional has a good chance of being unsuccessful, counterproductive or even disastrous. Louisville family members are sure to be involved in and impacted by the addiction in one way or another, so they may find it impossible to remain objective during the meeting. An intervention is naturally a tense, emotionally charged situation, so without professional, objective mediation it is liable to become confrontational. The family probably struggles with many issues that contributed to the addiction. Many issues can come out suddenly and in inappropriate ways during an intervention, and the proceedings may degenerate into blame.

A professional interventionist has training and experience dealing with these situations. She knows what to expect and how to handle these situations. An interventionist will remain objective and mediate the event to make sure all are heard and respected. A professional interventionist has the best chance of producing the desired result: convincing the Louisville drug addict to enter treatment.

Different Intervention Models for Louisville Residents

The following intervention models may help your Louisville loved one:

  • The Johnson Model. Used since the 1960s, the Johnson Model is the traditional approach to interventions. It is considered confrontational, in that the addict is uninformed of the meeting beforehand. This model is often used with addicts who need help overcoming denial. The main drawback to the Johnson Model is that addicts often feel ambushed and may become defensive.
  • The Invitational Model is more of a workshop than a confrontation. The Louisville drug addict is invited to the intervention, but it takes place whether he attends or not. This model can be help those who admit they have a problem but have hesitated in seeking treatment.
  • The Field Model combines the Johnson and Invitational Models in cases that may involve violence or other crises.
  • The Arise Model is an invitational, non-confrontational method with three-phases. Phase one involves convincing the Louisville drug addict to enter treatment; phase two involves supporting the addict during treatment; phase three involves supporting recovery after treatment has ended. The Arise Model encourages Louisville family members through counseling to bolster the entire family to succeed with treatment.

Louisville Intervention Help

If you are considering an intervention for a Louisville loved one who needs treatment for addiction, let us help you find a professional interventionist who will give your efforts the best chance of success. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today for instant support.

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