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What Are Secondary Addictions?

What Are Secondary Addictions?Secondary addictions are addictions that develop from abusing another substance, like drugs or alcohol. Louisville residents who suffer from addiction have addictive behaviors, which can include a genetic predisposition to addiction or an environment that promotes drug abuse. Drug addicts may also have problems with pornography, smoking, gambling, shopping or credit card abuse, which may be secondary addictions. These problems may develop in part to the need to feed addiction, even when drugs or alcohol are unavailable. These behaviors could also result from poor decision making where the potential for other compulsive habits exists.

What Are Secondary Addictions?

When Louisville residents struggle with drugs or alcohol, they may also struggle with compulsive behaviors in general. These users may desire the feelings of euphoria from abusing a substance, and they may find the same rush or pleasure through compulsive gambling. Additionally, those who struggle with alcohol abuse may require the calming effects in other ways, like through excessive shopping or hoarding. The one uniting factor to all of these behaviors is how they change the brain chemically. Dopamine and serotonin levels increase with the use of certain substances, but the brain sees this as excessive. In response, it no longer produces these chemicals naturally, so it then depends on drugs or alcohol to produce these chemicals so it can function normally. Eventually the body needs higher and more frequent doses to feel the same euphoria from a drug, which may encourage people to abuse other substances to augment the high. Thus, secondary addictions can develop to feed the habits of any Louisville drug user.

Secondary Addiction Treatment

When Louisville drug addicts seek treatment for addiction, therapists often find that a secondary addiction is present. Through psychotherapy and diagnosis, users with more than one addiction can find the help they need to recover. During the beginning stages of treatment, doctors and therapists will determine if an underlying mental illness contributes to the problem, because it too will require treatment. Your treatment team will also work with you to understand any family history of addiction, which may mean genetics are a factor in your struggle. Once these professionals reach a diagnosis, your treatment plan will help you deal with addictive behaviors after rehab.

Help for Louisville Residents with Secondary Addictions

Secondary addictions often stem from primary ones, but getting the right treatment for your addictions can mean a life free from drugs. If you or a Louisville loved one struggles with addiction, you should know that we are here to help. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to speak with our professional addiction counselors. They can answer your questions about addiction and help you find an appropriate treatment program for your specific needs. Call us today for instant support.

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