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What Do Recovery Professionals Do That I Can’t Do?

What Do Recovery Professionals Do That I Can't Do?Often, drug or alcohol addicts don’t see the need to involve recovery professionals in their addiction recovery. This reaction is common as most people would prefer to resolve their problems themselves rather than bring in a second party. Yet, recovery professionals are essential to the success of an individual’s addiction recovery. This leaves many addicts wondering just what recovery professionals can do that they can’t.

Addiction Professionals In Rehab

Recovery professionals are involved in every stage of rehab. An addiction rehab program consists of two main parts: detox and counseling. In the detox portion of rehab the drug or substance is gradually removed from the user’s system. Though this process sounds simple it can be very painful and dangerous for the addict if not done properly. Addicts who undergo detox at home risk dehydration, brain damage, coma, and, in some cases, death. When detox is experienced in a rehab facility, on the other hand, the risks of serious injury or death decreases dramatically. In a rehab center addicts are monitored 24 hours a day by trained medical professionals. Instead of being left alone to suffer and, possibly, die addicts are treated for their symptoms while their drug of choice is slowly removed from their bodies.

Addiction is a complex illness that often has several root causes. No two cases of addiction are the same. In the counseling phase, addicts work with a trained addiction counselor to determine what caused them to turn to addiction in the first place. This can include: a family history of addiction, past emotional trauma, emotional abuse, physical abuse, or mental illness. While you may be able to determine why you started to use, you do not have the training to fix your own emotional problems. Only a counselor or psychiatrist has the training to do that. For this reason, working with an addiction counselor is vital during your recovery. If you do not find the cause of your addiction and explore it, the problem will resurface in your future and drive you to relapse. By working with a counselor you can discuss any issues that you might have and resolve them in productive and healthy ways.

Without recovery professionals, rehab would be painful, dangerous, and ineffective. However, because of certified addiction experts you can have a safe, comfortable experience in rehab that can change your life for the better. Though you might not have the certifications of a rehab professional your recovery is a group effort. Work with your counselor and detox expert to ensure that you have the best rehab experience possible.

Additional Information For Drug Or Alcohol Addicts

If you are struggling with an addiction and are unsure about how to get treatment call our toll-free helpline. Our operators can answer any questions that you may have about addiction and addiction treatment and can help you decide the next step to take towards recovery. You do not have to face the daunting task of addiction recovery on your own. Call us today and get help.

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