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What Does a Professional Interventionist Do?

What Does a Professional Interventionist Do?When people are addicted to alcohol or drugs, they often don’t recognize the extent of their problem or their need for help. Louisville family and friends often attempt to help by staging interventions, in which they express their concerns and ask their loved one to enter treatment. Sometimes family and friends plan and stage interventions on their own, but often they hire a professional interventionist.

What Happens during an Intervention for Louisville Residents?

An addiction intervention is a growing field that is still evolving. In the past it was more common for interventions to be confrontational. Today, most interventionists believe it wise to use a loving approach that helps avoid defensiveness. Most interventions rely on an element of surprise, but some interventionists prepare Louisville addicts for the intervention and invite them to it.

How Interventionists Help Louisville Residents

The role of an interventionist varies, but the heart of the role is to guide the intervention and help family and friends plan it. Most interventions rely on letters that participants write to their loved ones. The interventionist often helps people refine and clarify their letters. Sometimes, they plan a rehearsal in which Louisville residents practice what they’ll say and prepare for varying responses.

An important aspect of an intervention is that a rehab facility should be chosen ahead of time. If an addict agrees to enter treatment, it’s important that he goes without delay. The interventionist often helps the Louisville family decide what facility might be the best choice.

Good interventionists believe their work is halfway done when the intervention has been concluded: whether the addict agrees to enter treatment or not, there’s more to do. If the individual declines to enter rehab, the interventionist often continues to work with the Louisville family to help them understand what their options are, as well as how they can continue helping their loved one.

If the addict does enter treatment, the interventionist often communicates with the treatment center to evaluate progress and determine whether there are needs that are not being adequately addressed. Interventionists also may work with the treatment facility to plan appropriate aftercare and set up a post-treatment plan. Sometimes an interventionist works as a case manager, helping to address needs such as legal, housing, and employment issues.

Qualifications of an Interventionist

Interventionists come to the profession on a variety of paths. Many began as certified or licensed substance abuse counselors or have training in family counseling. Social workers, health care providers and ministers may also pursue further training to become interventionists.

Interventionists receive training through groups like the Association of Intervention Specialists. This group offers board certification, as does the Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association (IAODAPCA), which certifies people from other states as well. In addition to receiving training, participants agree to follow the Code of Ethics for Board Registered Interventionists.

Intervention Help for Louisville Residents

If you live in Louisville and are concerned about a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, give us a call. Counselors who staff our toll-free, 24 hour helpline can answer your questions right now. They can also check your insurance coverage, if you wish. Call now.

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