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What Happens When Public Role Models Open Up About Addiction

What Happens When Public Role Models Open Up About Addiction

When public figures like actors openly discuss their battles with addiction, many good things can come of it

When public figures such as professional sports players or actors openly discuss their battles with addiction and recovery, many good things can come of it. Whether these famous individuals handle the publicity this generates well or not, it can still be a very positive thing for Louisville residents struggling with addiction.

Addiction Doesn’t Only Affect Losers

Self-image is a key constraint on the road to recovery from any drug addiction, and it is vital for individuals to combat the stigma they face. One of the key myths an addict will have to fight is that he is a loser, that somehow the fact he is struggling with an addiction proves he is worthless.

Seeing a popular, wealthy, admired and respected individual such as a professional athlete struggling with the very same issues as any other addict removes some of the stigma surrounding addiction and rehab. Now she can see that addiction can happen to anyone, and being an addict does not automatically make her a loser.

Nobody Can Survive Recovery Alone

When public role model admits his addiction, the headline invariably states that he is checking into a rehabilitation center, drug abuse center, or seeking professional help in some other form. If the superstar basketball player needs help, then other addicts may feel more comfortable admitting that they too need help. Nobody can survive recovery alone.

As an individual realizes this, he is empowered because he is able to realize that it is not weakness that caused him to need support to stay focused on recovery. Rather, it is the nature of addiction that almost everyone needs outside help to be successful in recovery.

Even Bad Examples Can Have Positive Impacts

Not every public figure handles the exposure that addiction and the recovery process brings into his or her life. It is not uncommon to see a pop star explode in anger as the paparazzi pepper her with questions about her addiction. Even this can be a positive for others in recovery. Addicts can recognize that fortune and fame do not lessen the challenges of recovery and can take heart that even stars have bad days on the road to recovery.

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