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What If an Addiction Intervention Goes Wrong?

What If an Addiction Intervention Goes Wrong?Sustained substance abuse often leads to addiction, and, as addiction progresses, the addict loses his or her ability to reason rationally. The brain becomes dependent upon substances, and, as a result of this dependence, the brain rationalizes and justifies irrational behaviors. This becomes most evident when an addict is confronted about his or her substance abuse. Louisville residents who are around an addict often fail to realize that the addict vehemently believes that he or she is not stuck in an addiction. As close relations see addiction progress, and, as consequences mount, they want to help. An intervention can be life-saving, but it must be conducted correctly.

Common Mistakes Made in an Intervention Situation

Interventions require planning and information. The following are a few of the common errors made when intervention is attempted:

  • If you already have evidence of an addiction, do not focus on compiling more. You may fear the intervention yourself and be using the excuse of finding evidence to avoid actually holding the intervention.
  • If you are convinced that an addiction intervention is necessary, do not allow the addict or other family or friends in Louisville to talk you out of it. Addiction has a profound impact upon all of the people who are close with the addict.
  • Do not delay. If you find yourself creating false necessities for the intervention or finding fault with a planned intervention, consider the possibility that you may be procrastinating.
  • You may be concerned that an intervention will cost you your relationship with the addict. Realize that your relationship with the addict is already compromised by the addiction. Consider what is best for the lives concerned rather than the relationships concerned. An intervention will not necessarily cost you and the addict your relationship, and it will definitely give each of you a chance at a healthier life in Louisville.
  • Do not attempt to confront an addict if he or she is currently high or drunk. This is usually fruitless and can be dangerous and destructive.

Addiction interventions are not always successful. You may conduct the intervention appropriately, yet be met with failure. A failed intervention is not the end of hope or a sign that another intervention will not be successful. The best chance for success comes from finding professional help. An addict’s behavior when confronted may seem unpredictable to a family member or friend, but professionals know how to handle a variety of potential reactions.

Professional Intervention Help for Louisville Residents

If someone that you care about is suffering from addiction and refuses to acknowledge his or her problem, it may be time for an intervention. Please call our 24 hour toll-free helpline to learn more about your options. We can answer your questions about addiction, interventions and recovery options.

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