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What Is Cross-Addiction?

What is cross-addictionCross-addiction is, sadly, not a familiar term. If it were, more people might take care to prevent it, since its development is often accidental. Cross-addiction occurs when an individual who has been pursuing addiction recovery, and succeeding very well, falls prey to a substance that he did not think would affect him and ends up with a new addiction that grows from the roots of the old one.

Reasons for Cross-Addiction

There are many reasons for the development of cross-addiction; some are foreseeable, while others come almost out of nowhere. The following are a few of these:

  • The recovering addict feels comfortable enough with his rebuilt self-control that he risks trying a little of his old substance of choice (this is most common with socially acceptable drugs, such as alcohol or prescription medication)
  • He develops an ailment completely unrelated to his previous addiction and is prescribed a medication that neither he nor his doctor believed would awaken his old cravings
  • He accepts a drink or an over-the-counter remedy from a friend without checking to make sure none of its contents will aggravate his still-tenuous condition
  • He is involved in an accident and needs emergency medication; the professionals attending him either do not know or fail to take into account that the medicine he is receiving might aggravate the last remains of his addiction

Cross-addiction may be viewed as an alternate form of drug relapse. It is not failure, nor does it mean that the recovering patient will never completely recover. It is simply an unveiling of previously undiscovered challenges that the Louisville resident and his therapists can now take into account as they regroup and modify his recovery strategy. Relapse is, in a way, a milestone. It shows the recovering addict how long he can stay sober and gives him a chance to break that record. The support of friends and family is essential in keeping a positive attitude and persevering through the treatment process.

Treatment for Louisville Residents Encountering Cross-Addiction

The first step in addressing the development of cross-addiction is to report the incident to the recovery professional directly responsible for one’s treatment regimen. This is no cause for shame or panic; it is nothing the therapist hasn’t seen before. If you or your loved one in Louisville is unwilling to confess to a recovery professional on his own, or if you realize that someone you know is developing a cross-addiction before he is aware of it, please call our toll-free helpline. We are available 24 hours a day to hear your story with complete confidentiality and recommend the best course of action for you. Call us today and let us help you back onto the path toward complete recovery.

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