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What is the Best Kind of Intervention?

What is the Best Kind of Intervention?If you are concerned about your loved one’s addiction, you might be considering holding an intervention for him. When planning an intervention, there is a lot to consider, including which type or model of intervention to hold. Each addict has personal characteristics and needs that should be evaluated prior to determining which kind of intervention to hold. This can help you to choose the intervention type that will be most effective for your loved one. In the end, though, the best kind of intervention is one that actually takes place. As long as your message is made clear to your loved one, all kinds of interventions are effective.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis interventions are beneficial for those addicts who have reached a point of emergency. The addict might have gotten into legal trouble or have developed significant health problems. It is also effective for addicts who have crossed a moral boundary, such as stealing from loved ones to feed their addiction. Crisis interventions might arise very quickly and be impromptu. With crisis interventions, there is often not enough time to choose one particular intervention model, so it might be a mix of many.

The Johnson Model Intervention

When most people think of interventions, they picture the Johnson Model. Many addicts respond favorably to this type of intervention, though it is particularly useful for those that have been ignoring the consequences of their actions. This type of intervention is the typical confrontational model that has proven useful in many scenarios. With the Johnson Model, addicts unknowingly walk into their intervention to be confronted about how their addiction is harming their loved ones. Loved ones might also discuss some sort of consequence that will take place if the addict does not choose treatment. As with all intervention models, the treatment plan has been predetermined so that the addict can begin immediately, if he chooses to do so.

The ARISE Intervention Model

The ARISE Model is a softer, less abrasive approach to intervention. This model is particularly beneficial to addicts who suffer from low self-esteem as a result of their addiction. These interventions ensure that the addict is not ambushed in the situation, and there are no secrets involved. The addict is invited into the intervention instead of being secretly lured in. Allowing addicts to make the choice in attending the intervention is essential for their feelings of self-worth. They are then presented lovingly with the reality of their addiction, and are given the choice to attend treatment.

Get Help for Addiction

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