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What Is Zohydro?

What Is Zohydro?

Zohydro is pure hydrocodone, and more powerful than OxyContin

In 2013, a new drug by the name of Zohydro was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although the drug is not yet available in pharmacies, it has already become the center of protests and controversies, because activists and doctors fear it will easily lead to overdose and abuse. The drug was approved by the FDA against the recommendations of the advisory panel, because it believed that a stronger painkiller was required for the great needs people had to treat pain. However, critics have not been happy with this decision, as it is powerful and dangerous. Louisville residents should learn about this powerful drug before using it.

What Is Zohydro and its Effects?

Serious concerns have surged about painkiller and hydrocodone addiction. This new drug also contains a high dose of oxycodone, but it is not coupled with acetaminophen, which means this is a pure drug. One of the most important risks of Zohydro is that it is easy to abuse. It is the only product with an extended release formation that contains hydrocodone, a synthetic opioid. This drug will also come in doses of 50 milligrams, five times higher than hydrocodone pills. While Zohydro is meant to release the active ingredient over a period of 12 hours, Louisville residents can easily tamper with it to release large doses at once.

In light of all the damning coverage about painkiller addiction and deaths due to OxyContin, a new tamper resistant drug was introduced to reduce the risk of abuse. However, unlike many opiates, Zohydro can be crushed, injected or snorted easily. When it is crushed, injected, swallowed, dissolved or snorted, the drug is no longer a long-acting, slow-release drug. This means that the high dose is delivered to  Louisville users all at once. In many instances, a high dose of oxycodone, like the one in Zohydro, can be fatal.

People that have criticized the FDA’s approval of the drug include attorney generals of 28 states, consumer groups, alcohol and drug prevention programs, addiction treatment centers and many other groups. Many of them have petitioned to prevent the drug from entering the market. The drug was approved by FDA although the advisory committee’s vote was 12 to 2. While the risk of Zohydro overdose is quite high, there are similar risks associated with any other drug that is abused. When used the right way, the same drug can be lifesaving. However, with the high dose, potential and ease of abuse, Zohydro risks are too serious to ignore. Therefore, Louisville residents should take great care if they are ever prescribed this drug.

Painkiller addiction can have serious, sometimes fatal consequences. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today for information about rehab for a healthier, better future. Louisville residents can get and stay clean if they have the right help.

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