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What Should I Do If Friends Pressure Me to Use Drugs?

What Should I Do If Friends Pressure Me to Use Drugs?Every age group has peers that provide a sense of support. However, there are also times that Louisville residents will feel peer pressure to behave in ways they normally would not. Get help today to stay sober and resist the pressure of your peers.

Benefits of Peer Support

Peer support is important, especially in a Louisville teen’s life, because it can provide the following benefits:

  • Feeling like you belong and that you are valued
  • Increased confidence and a sense of security
  • A safe place in which to explore different ideas
  • A way to get to know and interact with other people
  • Learning to negotiate, understand and accept varying viewpoints
  • Sharing interests and introducing you to new ideas

Because of these powerful benefits, it is difficult, especially for teens, to receive the benefits of society while avoiding its pitfalls.

Peer Pressure

Most teens want to fit in with a group, but to do so, they believe they must act in certain ways and attend certain social activities. When you behave in ways because your peers pressure you to do so, you have reacted to peer pressure. This is a difficult problem to overcome, but with help Louisville residents can deal with this influential problem. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, you can deal with peer pressure through any of the following strategies:

  • Stay away from peers who pressure you to do wrong or dangerous acts
  • Learn how to refuse people and practice how to escape situations that are uncomfortable
  • Spend time with other people who resist peer pressure. It helps to have at least one friend who is also willing to refuse.
  • If you have problems with peer pressure, talk to an adult you trust, like a parent, teacher or school counselor

While these statements seem simple, implementing them is often difficult. Get help today to overcome temptation.

How to Overcome Peer Pressure

The most important way to resist peer pressure is to build a strong self esteem. If you focus on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, you will have an easier time coping with peer pressure. Focus on the following thoughts and activities:

  • Be more assertive
  • Build your self-respect
  • Acknowledge your strengths
  • Identify your weaknesses and establishing plans to overcome them
  • Understand the consequences of choice
  • Find things you are interested in and spend time doing them
  • Open up to different people, experiences and activities
  • Learn from the mistakes of your peers
  • Be firm on what you will not give up for your peers

Again, Louisville residents can seek help from parents, relatives, church leaders and school counselors to overcome these issues.

Help Avoiding Louisville Peer Pressure

Many resources help people deal with peer pressure. These resources want to help Louisville residents overcome the poor decisions that result from peer pressure, so seek their help today. However, if you would feel more comfortable with anonymity, please call our toll-free helpline. We are available 24 hours a day to answer questions about peer pressure and drug abuse, and we can connect you with other helpful resources. Get help right now to stay sober.

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