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What to Do after a Failed Intervention

What to Do after a Failed InterventionWhile it may be discouraging to hold a failed intervention, it is still a step in the right direction. Even if the Louisville addict becomes defensive or angry, you will likely have made an impression on him, and he will be forced to face the fact that his addiction is affecting the lives of those around him.

How to Treat a Louisville Addict after a Failed Intervention

If a Louisville addict refuses to change and seek treatment, loved ones should no longer tolerate the results of addicted behavior. A well-planned intervention should include consequences for continuing drug abuse and refusing treatment. This can involve cutting off access to inheritance money, child custody, and living arrangements. If the individual refuses treatment, it is important for family and loved ones to follow through on these changes. It will be difficult to pull away from your loved one, but forcing him to experience the negative consequences of his drug use may be the wake-up call he needs.

How to Cope with Addiction after a Failed Intervention

While it may be painful to watch your Louisville loved one suffer from addiction, remember to focus on your own well-being. Support groups for family members are a good way to find others dealing with addiction, and to talk about issues you have in common. Physical activities such as walking or jogging are also good ways to boost your mood and help you deal with anxiety. Therapeutic methods such as journaling, painting, or yoga help you deal with the emotional strain without burying it. It is important to stay in touch with your feelings instead of avoiding thinking about things.

How a Professional Interventionist Can Help Louisville Residents

Because addiction is such a sensitive topic, it is often helpful to have a professional interventionist assist your family in this difficult time. An interventionist has experience with addiction and how it affects families. They will be experienced in areas such as family counseling and human behavior therapy. They can assist in an intervention by acting as an unbiased moderator, and can guide family members on how best to approach their loved one.

After an intervention where the individual refuses treatment, an interventionist can serve as a guide on what to do next and may provide insight on why things went wrong. They can help you decide on the next steps to take, including future attempts to get a Louisville loved one into treatment.

Intervention Help for Louisville Residents

It can be overwhelming to deal with a family member’s addiction, but there are steps you can take to reduce your own stress and prepare to help your Louisville loved one when she is ready. Call us to learn more about addiction recovery and treatment options. Our helpline is available 24 hours a day and is toll free.

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