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What to Do if Your Loved One Is a Drug Dealer

What to Do if Your Loved One Is a Drug DealerWhen you have a loved one who is a drug dealer, it is understandable to be confused about the best course of action. In this sensitive situation, you do not want to get your loved one in legal trouble. On the other hand, you want to avoid being implicated by your loved one’s actions. Finding the balance between expressing healthy concern and getting too involved can be difficult, as can knowing when it could be dangerous to speak up.

How to Know if Your Loved One is a Drug Dealer

While the drug dealer may not be an addict, he or she communicates with addicts on a daily or weekly basis. The nature of the disease of addiction causes people to be unstable and unpredictable. Addicts act compulsively, often willing to take wild risks to obtain their fix. Your loved one can easily get caught in the middle of a dangerous situation, which means that you could as well.

Knowing what signs to look for is the first step. Making wrongful accusations can harm the relationship, but letting unethical or dangerous activities go on could cost you your safety or your trust in the individual. Signs that your loved one is a drug dealer may include the following:

  • Unexplained financial success – Expensive possessions without an obvious source of income can clue in loved ones to the reason behind the success. Carrying only cash can also hint at drug-related transactions.
  • Calls at all hours – If your loved one is constantly taking calls without explanation, leaving the room to have a conversation, contacting you from various numbers, or showing other strange phone-related behavior, he or she could be dealing or obtaining drugs.
  • Lies and secretiveness – Not giving information on whereabouts, never being up front about his or her occupation, and dodging questions frequently are other obvious signs to look for.
  • Odd friendships – Friends who are just as secretive and share the same habits can be an indication that your loved one has a network of individuals who are involved in the business.

Getting a better sense for your loved one’s level of involvement – including whether or not he or she sells drugs, uses them, or both –- can help you decide how to move forward.

Taking Steps Forward

The best course of action to take when you suspect a loved one of being a drug dealer depends on the nature of the relationship. In a friendship or romantic relationship, it may benefit you to get some space so that you are not in danger of harm or legal repercussions.

However, if the drug dealer is a family member – whether child, parent, sibling, or spouse – the best course of action may be an intervention. Contact a professional interventionist for a safe assessment of the situation so that the participants are less likely to be placing themselves in danger. An intervention will involve carefully planning, firmness, honesty, and love in an effort to get your loved one to stop dealing drugs, using them, or both.

Help for Drug Addiction

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