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What to Do When Drug Abuse Make You a Shadow of Yourself

What to Do When Drug Abuse Make You a Shadow of Yourself

To maintain recovery, find joy in life, positive friendships and enjoyable hobbies

Although the factors that influence addiction (such as genetics, environment and mental health) are outside a Louisville resident’s control, addiction is still often viewed as a lack of willpower or sign of a moral failing. While this view of addiction is completely false, the stigmas attached to addiction still affect how individuals view themselves, other drug users and options for recovery. Addicts may label themselves as diseased, yet the changes from addiction result from drug abuse rather than any preexisting failure. In other words, addiction is an issue of the brain’s wiring due to drugs, not an individual’s inability to help herself. Louisville drug addicts may believe they have lost their identities, personalities or places in life due to drug abuse, yet all of these factors can be recovered once drug habits are eliminated and once recovery professionals step in to help.

Addiction is not a Louisville resident’s identity or personality, but it can take over the processes that appear to define these features. Drugs affect dopamine levels and production in the brain, which in turn affects a person’s entire reward system. The brain wants to repeat actions that result in pleasurable feelings, and drugs create powerful connections between memories of drug use and resulting feelings. Cravings for drugs can dominate a user’s memories, current thoughts and plans for the future, especially when users conceal their drug habits and behaviors from others. Addicts may find that their lives revolve around getting drugs and using drugs, so activities and relationships that were once important no longer seem as valuable. Aspects of life that are unrelated to drug use fade in importance, so Louisville drug users will become shadows of themselves.

None of the changes related to drug use have to be permanent. Drugs create powerful thought patterns and changes to values and behaviors, but they do not change the person behind the addiction. Recovery is not a matter of willpower, but a matter of learning how to recover control from the addiction. Getting and staying clean involves learning to become the person you once were or the person you want to become. It involves finding joy in life, positive friendships and enjoyable hobbies. Louisville residents that want to get clean of drug abuse should call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline for access to admissions coordinators who will support your physical and mental health. Our staff can help you take the first steps of recovery with long-term support. Step out from under the shadow of addiction and call today.

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