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Why Is a Low Staffing Ratio at a Rehab Center Important?

Why Is a Low Staffing Ratio at a Rehab Center Important?The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) has provided an extensive resource, entitled Alcohol and Drug Services Study (ADSS), The National Substance Abuse Treatment System: Facilities, Clients, Services, and Staffing, to provide guidance to substance abuse facilities on staffing ratios and services. Louisville residents seeking treatment for drug addiction should be aware of the importance of low staffing ratios to patient success.

How Staff Ratios Can Effect Addiction Rehabilitation for Louisville Residents

The facilities with a low client-to-staff ratio offered a higher number of treatment services than facilities with a medium client-to-staff ratio. By having a low client-to-staff ration, the staff members were able to spend more time providing supportive services to the clients. Louisville addicts looking for quality rehabilitation facilities should look into the staffing ratios of potential treatment centers.

Addiction Rehabilitation Staffing Qualifications

The facilities with a low client-to-staff ratio also had a higher educational attainment level for the counselors providing direct care to the clients. In terms of direct-care staff, the substance abuse treatment system was staffed primarily with M.A. and B.A.-level counselors.  Higher qualifications for staff can ensure that Louisville residents receive high quality treatment from experienced professionals during their drug addiction rehabilitation.

Addiction Treatment Facilities Staffing and Costs

In an effort to attempt to keep the costs of drug addiction treatment manageable, the Ph.D.-level professional staff tended to be on staff as part-time or contract staff.

Benefits of Low Staffing Ratio for Louisville Addicts in Drug Rehab

When a drug addiction treatment facility is well staffed, the clients can receive more personalized attention. In addition, when staff members are not inundated with the daily maintenance activities of their jobs, they often are able to create more responsive solutions to daily issues that arise. Further, clients can have their needs met more quickly by available staff, which could help Louisville residents in rehab to achieve their goal of lasting sobriety and recovery.

Staffing and Special Needs Clients

There are certain circumstances when a low staff ratio is particularly important, including the following:

  • Medically supervised detox – Each patient and his or her addiction history is unique. It is important for the detox team to create a customized detox protocol for each person. A low staff ratio enables staff to spend more time with clients, understand their needs and design the right program.
  • Dual Diagnosis – If a person has a Dual Diagnosis, they are suffering with both a mental health issue and an addiction. It is the best practice to treat these people in a concurrent and coordinated manner. This requires time for the staff to continuously interact with the addict, evaluate his or her progress, and coordinate with other service staff to provide ongoing services.

For every addict, especially those who need medically supervised detox or have a Dual Diagnosis, addiction treatment is a personal journey that can be more effectively supported by a well-staffed and highly trained team.

Learn More about Addiction Treatment

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